I do not remember the first time I saw an artwork by Keith Haring but I am sure that his works have always represented to me the communicative simplicity/naivety of the children and at the same time the expression of essential concepts that art had rarely considered before.


Surely there was the distressing/harrowing opera 'Guernica' by Pablo Picasso but rather the lightness, the kinetic positivity of Keith Haring's style convinced me more than the others.


Then they also name it with a reductive “Pop” Art (as if being pop-ular was reductive) as if it were just an original evolution of comics and worth something less than the more serious classic art.


This "light" art such as "light" music (as opposed to classical and lyric music) began to circulate in the musical years of the New Wave, shortly after the Punk era which in a short time had revolutionized the global musical scene thanks to the advent of many ‘new’ artists of great value.


I madly love music and then art when it scatters the seed of a new knowledge or at least tries.


Like the Clash which with their lyrics give voice to social and political minorities from all over the world, or Sting who hopes for the continuity of the Amazonian Indios and strongly denounces the Pinochet regime, Paul Weller who opens the eyes to the working class on flaws of Thatcherism and the Nobel laureate Bertrand Russel who instilled in the Beatles (surprise, surprise … Paul Mc Cartney first) the desire to “give peace a chance”, Keith Haring who promotes a great social warning about AIDS that then sadly killed him and Banksy that tells every day the stark truth of the Palestinian situation in his insightful style.


I do not deny the aesthetic ability of art to entertain the spectator but if an artistic expression has to communicate ideals for me it is much better.


So as if by osmosis through music I have appreciate art but in truth I have also learned English and shared many social and political themes.


Then Clash, Weller, Sting to move on to Mandela, Tutu, Bertrand Russel and then Keith Haring, Pablo Picasso.


So as soon as the family's economy allowed me I acquire a large drawing by Keith Haring, an original work that had been of the American dancer / choreographer Don Lurio. Then one of Haring first "graffiti" from the early works at the NYC Subway. I always tell Francesco that his studies in the Bay area were funded ‘directly’ by Andy Warhol through the resale - with significant profits - of a Campbell Soup Box on canvas and a red Vesuvius.


Finally in 1992 (or maybe a few months ahead) I created Europop, the RAI first TV series reportage on the music & young people of the united Europe and long before the Brexit we thought that a British double deck bus could be the perfect mobile "studio" and moving testimonial of the show.

We asked Thierry Noir, a French graffiti artist adopted by Berlin to whom the U2 had asked to paint the Trabant picture cover of Achtung Baby, to use the double-decker bus as a canvas to story tell the fresh European ideals, Thierry who had made his first graffiti on the Berlin wall that had just fallen.


Let's not call it pretentiously a "collection" instead being the visual memories of a life that street / urban art has emphasized at its best. We would have never imagined the end of Apartheid in South Africa and the liberation of the "President" Mandela, the fall of the Berlin Wall who knows that one fine day the Palestinian people will finally wake up free and equal to all the others.


If the music world has animated the biggest global movement of opinion to end Apartheid and through Bob Geldof to end hunger in Africa, maybe Banksy's stencils will be more effective than the traditional olive branches.


So MyStreetArt is just a "collection" of ideas worth living for, to be handed down to those who I wish well and their next generations.